Exhab is a blog chronicling an obsession of uncovering every nuance of exercise prescription. The art of finding the right program for each individual is a never ending pursuit of achieving the results for those who seek it.

So many exercise beliefs these days centre around “no pain, no gain” philosophies that frankly don’t cut it for the majority of the population. These are the people that we are writing for: those that feel as though the popular beliefs regarding exercise do not cater for their specific needs. 

Additionally, we aim to equip the new era of exercise practitioners with the tools, resources and insight they need in order to provide optimal care for their clientele. In the same way that individuals can use exhab.com to learn more about how their exercise regime can impact their lives, practitioners can seek to learn all there is about each unique individual in order to provide a high quality level of care.

Make no mistakes. We are all for working hard, pushing yourself and feeling good about oneself. But we believe there is a right and wrong way about it. We believe that programs should be individualised and each person should find that “sweet spot” that meets their individual needs. We seek to help guide you by exploring research articles, anatomy, pathology, case studies and every other tool to equip our site full of practical and useful information.


We hope you enjoy our pursuit of excellence in exercise prescription.


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